Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reasons Behind Technology & Teaching

   The integration of technology into elementary classrooms is fast approaching and inevitable, I believe. I also believe that this will gives us as teachers a great advantage by tapping into the creativity and individuality of each and every student in the classroom. This gives us a an opportunity to use different approaches for each child to make the experience of learning a memorable and enjoyable one. No two children learn in the same way, so teaching them all the same way is somewhat of a disservice. With the integration of technology, we have the capability of personalizing education that will hopefully inspire every student to continue learning past the walls and hallways of the school.
   We are moving into a world where students can be engaged in a classroom all day and then take that very classroom home at night to continue their work. This will mean no more lost papers, no more forgetting the assignments, no more excuses that students found the work too boring to complete. Through the integration of technology, we can find ways for students to learn that will be fun and exciting for all involved!

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